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1:1  Client Session from 12/21/23

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“This workshop helped me view magic as an intraday practice. I learned how I express my own magic, and how to invite more into my life and my space. My eyes are opened to seeing, and feeling magic everywhere from the physical world around me to the power of my thoughts. This workshop found me just in time to remind me how to use my body in my own way to create and recognize magic all around me.”

-Calyn, Embodied Magic Attendee

“Johanna offered me significant insight into my life journey.  It is clear she has the knowledge because the information was very accurate. Doing my time with her, she was very pleasant, open to questions, and imparted a lot of wisdom about astrology. So many points resonated with me during my reading.”

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“Johanna is skilled at her craft. Not only did her reading confirm what I knew, it provided some context and relevance that I was missing.  I highly recommend working with her!”

-Barbra Portzline, President, Organizational Rebel LLC, Albuquerque, NM

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