Astrology is the Source for your own Authentic Magic.

Embodiment is the key to bringing it to life and finding true joy.

Your Keys to Astro-Flow

Cosmic Cheerleading> Embodied Magic> Astro-Advocacy

We’ve developed a unique approach to astrology, embodiment, and the psychological concept of “Flow” to create a synchronistic & joyful experience of life.

Our core belief is that astrology should be used as a tool for empowerment; a way to find a deeper, more  meaningful life, and your own personal connection to the universe.

Hi, I’m Johanna.

When I was 10, I picked up D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths, and the door to Astrology was opened. I’ve always loved the magic, connection and inspiration of looking at the stars, but the truth is.. that even after studying astrology for over two decades, it only became a living, breathing thing that I could truly see, touch and SENSE after I picked up a simple plastic ring.

Harness the Cosmic Energy

We use the shape & motion of a hula hoop to manifest the archetypal symbols of astrology, making them tangible, physical and REAL in your daily life.

One Client’s Experience

“My expectations were totally exceeded! This program is a deep dive into yourself. I now realize the things I want to keep in my life & the things I want to release through my orbit.  Understanding planetary hours and how it makes me feel.. It's like discovering your own super power!"

- NICOLE, Astro-Flow Program participant

Find YOUR Flow with Astrology

Discover your own unique gifts, keys to making a meaningful life, and the true connection to happiness.

Create your own Orbit

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